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Concerts & Performances




















As Sound Therapist I have done concerts and I have Performed with others at different events, in many countries as Finland's Minä Olen in Helsinki, Norway's Alternativ Messe in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, Stockholm's Harmoni Expo, Helande Toner Festival, Isogaisa Festival in Norway, Denmark's Body Soul & Spirit, Spanish Biocultura in Barcelona, Madrid & Bilbao, for The 13 Grandmothers in Sweden, Spain, Holland and USA, In my hometown Los Andes at Casa de la Cultura and many other places in Sweden and Norway.

I have recorded 4 CDs: Sound Journey, Journey into The 4 Elements, Tierra Cosmica and Soundscape.

These are my own words about what I do :


“I play the Native American Flute to touch the heart and to heal,

with the drum and voice I Chant to Mother Earth and to The Elements ( El Canto del Shaman )

with The Monochord and Overtones I open portals to the Universe and

I build bridges between People and the higher Dimensions”















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Marcos Rodriguez


Earth Native


Sound Therapist



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