Aura Readings & Healing Sessions

Marcos Rodriguez


Earth Native


Sound Therapist



Aura Readings




















Our energy field and chakras are databases, full with information about us, about who we are, about what's going on in our lives.

For many years I've been doing Aura Readings at fairs and other events all around Scandinavia, Spain and other countries. I always offer the possibility to get a reading at my Sound Journeys, taking a picture both before and after.

The information that I provide is all about where you are at this very moment and what you can do to move forward, I'm just like a mirror and I'll never tell you things you don't know, but to hear it will give you the ratification that you may need to start working on the issue.





Healing Sessions



The practice of Healing is been a part of my work during all my spiritual life, it has changed many times and it has the influence of all my studies I have done: Reiki, Magnified Healing, Sound Healing and more.

The last 3-4 years I been working in my own way, I have got tools to use in healing;I got them from teachers and from Guides, from The Source and from my Higher Self.

I work on the body, touching and reading the body energies, at the same time I'm working at the energy level, cleansing, charging, balancing and harmonizing.

I use my own oils and off course I use The Pray!











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